By Naomi

I am a crone—a female person seasoned with experiences to write a book about and sprinkled liberally with passion. I am lucky to have been found by God, hiding behind a rock on a dirt road. I am nearing the end of my years of life, but barely just begun living it. I have met God but am not very faithful on my own. I am tenacious and completely trust my sensibilities, knowing that they are from God. I live on the edge of heart and mind, rarely in my brain, but always trying to strike that balance between.

I have a beautiful guitar playing song-writing, caring and loving partner of nearly 33 years, a loving and lovely grown daughter who works hard at being a good person, a fantastic adopted daughter (also a cancer survivor) who loves me despite my drama, three exceptional best friends who hold me up when I falter and reasonably good health, considering that I will always have cancer. I am fortunate to have been given many gifts and enjoy  pouring them out for those who give me such joy by accepting me just the way I am.

I also have a biological family mostly still living and full of good old Armenian grit. I miss my big sister who died of lymphoma, and live my life for both of us. Life is indeed a box of chocolates.

I am lucky and I am blessed. Oh and I forgot to mention…I am a visual artist, a digital montage artist, who is a perfect dunce at the computer if the program is linear and not intuitive. But that’s enough about me.

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October 2021

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