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3 minutes of fame

I have heard it said that everyone gets 3 minutes of fame in life. I suspect this notion is an extrapolation of  the very famous, American (commercial artist turned art star—Andy Warhol, who predicted 15 minutes of fame for everyone. I have never bothered to consider this “prediction” as worthy of considering at any level, and had not until last summer when a neighbor, who is a videographer of note,  asked to interview me for a PBS program called 30 Good Minutes (formerly, the Chicago Sunday Evening Club).  The topic was to be the sharing of my faith journey. Being in the midst of the debate over our eligibility to become members of the church BD and I were attending at the time…and still being hopeful that the outcome would be positive, I accepted. By interview time, late in the summer, I was no longer hopeful and fully into recovery process, which I now consider an encounter with post traumatic stress. A promise is a promise and I like to keep the ones I make, so I went ahead. (I am thankful that all but one of the tearful episodes were edited out.)

On the appointed day, he arrived with lights, camera, cords, microphone pick-up and all sorts of  equipment. I took a deep breath and the camera rolled. The interview lasted for about an hour and a half, but with his skill, patience and artful editing, the end result was the 3 minute Faith Journey clip slated for the beginning of the show.  So, on Sunday, November 1, 2009 my soul and I were live on TV: I had  3  minutes of fame and then it was over. But if you missed it and would like to see it you can at  Click here for a direct link to me.

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