drawing sacred circles

I have a new arts oriented blog site called, Drawing Sacred Circles. This blog, Called by Name will continue to be a personal journal, while the new site will function as an exploration of the ways in which the visual arts (the arts as a whole) spring forth from God’s presence within us—God’s holy knitting together of the parts and pieces of us until we become circles. The art we make as an expression of that knitting together—that integration within that invites oneness with Creator God can serve others in their own becoming process. My fondest wish is for the arts to be integrated into our places of worship as windows  to look through and doors to walk through, if not fly through.

I invite you to join me in this journey. It is not just for artists. It is for everyone who has ever

• looked at a work of art,

• listened to a piece of music,

•heard a poem read,

•watched people moving in dance,

and been transported beyond themselves by the beauty and wholeness of it. There is a page on this new blog dedicated to your thoughts and vision, called Write to Me • This Page is for You. One need not be limited to commenting on specific postings. I hope to meet you there.

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