God promises

It’s a cold, wet and dark morning…perfect lead in to Advent, a liturgical season that I am incredibly fond of. I love Advent…the waiting, the hoping, the light in the darkness. I have been working on a beautiful Advent display for my new church family and look forward to installation day. Such joy to have gifts to give! Such a humbling thing to have been given them at all! But I notice that God often chooses to give the most to the least.

Last night as I was reading one of Richard Rohr’s books on contemplative prayer, called Simplicity, I came across this profound, yet very simple description of redemption on page 93:

God promises us a spacious place within—and that’s the place we call the soul. We don’t save our soul; we discover it. We don’t go there and try to make ourselves holy; we wake our souls up. We’re already united with God; the problem is, we don’t believe it. Thus the central issue is always trust. It is “allowing” God to give Himself to me apart from being worthy of it. As wonderful and unbelievable as that is, it is also very humiliating for the ego self. (Thus) the natural temptation is to find methods to make ourselves “worthy.”

A spacious place within… I like the sound of that.


2 Responses to “God promises”

  1. 1 janie
    October 22, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    A spacious place within has a very nice sound indeed…thanks for sharing this Rohr kernal.

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