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cats rule

Another grim and grainy day. My half empty glass is closer to half full  today because I have had a good idea for a project I’ve been asked to do, and this gives me a bit of a zing. So I’m going to bypass gray and dismal and introduce my cats to the blogoshpere. Cats definitely rule in our house. My partner, Big Dawg,  my friend, Adopted Daughter and I are unanimous in our commitment to completely spoil them with some degree of consistency.
Frank - 18 years young

Frank - 18 years young

Among the feline population I am considered the top cat, not because I purr better than they do, but because I am the magician who makes food appear from the refrigerator with regularity. None of us in this house is ashamed of our kowtowing to their every whim. We don’t have grandchildren, so we make do.

Ben - 2 years old

Ben - 2 years old

Bella - 2 years old

Bella - 2 years old

Our two young cats are siblings with markings and character suspiciously akin to the American Shorthair breed. They are very sweet with teeny tiny kittenish meows. What’s not to like about that?  Any of the three of us will set aside whatever we are doing whenever one of them decides to grace us with their soft, furry, napping selves.

Now Frank is another story. He is very old, senile, hard of hearing, has cataracts and meows loudly and insistently whenever he is confused or uncomfortable. Some would call it caterwauling. This is annoying, but what can we do? He is our senior citizen and deserves elder care, which we give knowing that one day we will help him along to his final sleep. We can do that compassionate thing for our animals…we humans are not so fortunate.

My friend, ordinary (mostly) has three daughters, all of whom love the cats. It is quite lovely to see them brighten up and make that human/animal bond that is so simple and rewarding. These little girls are naturals with animals. Last I heard, a guinea pig was being discussed as a first pet in their house. I think that is a good idea. Much better than worms!! Takes a bit of knowing to keep cats as they preferred to be kept. Cats rule…of course!

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