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after the ball is over…

I’m back from the Mennonite Conference in Columbus, Ohio. It was a seminal experience for me and my companions, adopted daughter and darling daughter. Someone said that all told, 9,000 people were there. Without my dear friend, ordinary (mostly) to tour-guide us along, I would have slunk into chemo-brained confusion and panicked. Although we stayed only 2 days, there were many experiences of lasting note. I am told that the presence of the Pink Menno group (much smaller 4 years ago at the Charlotte convention) grew even larger as the week progressed.  My dear friend tells me that many conservative congregations and conferences, now taking notice, will eventually become the minority rather than the majority. I can only hope.  Jesus would rejoice at that point, since his message was one of inclusion without red-tape.

Pink Menno Campaign – Turning Columbus Pink!

People wearing pink gathered around outside the worship meetings, peacefully singing their hearts out—people made in God’s image, LGBT’s and  supporters, all lifting their hearts in song: Here we are…do you see us…do you hear us? We are God’s beloved children, just like you…all of us, Children of God wanting a seat at the table…together.  Emoticon_Rose_2K

Pink Menno Sponsored hymnsing!

The T-shirt: “one church, one hope, one spirit…Inclusive and Mennonite…Ask me how!!”  In my last entry I said I would just say, “Grit” if asked, but nobody asked me.  However a  friend of mine, a former Mennonite pastor turned Catholic, did ask me a few days ago why I’m still a Mennonite. Couldn’t think of a real snappy answer, since grit didn’t really apply, so I said: “It’s where I started, don’t know where else to go, and besides, I agree with all the articles of faith except #19 and it’s just a matter of time before that one changes…”  Ah, time…. that’s the thing. Some folks think they have a bunch of it and waste, what for some of us, is short and precious.

Now here I can segue into the topic of decision making by consensus, a sacred cow in this denomination. In groups of 20 or less, a worthy effort, but more than 20 it becomes a boulder to be pushed slowly uphill for anywhere from 1 to 30 years or even more, depending on the fear factor involved. I’m coming to think that consensus decision making can be vehicle for avoidance. ..for those whose well-being depends on resolution, consensus can become a tyranny. Would Jesus do that?

Yaweh, you have created me. You have called me by name and I am yours….

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