walking on water

Leaving no footprints is a neat maneuver when walking on a rainy path. What you have to do is levitate a bit, you know…walking on water. Anyone can do it, but few try. What you have to do is look straight ahead, not down, not up…straight ahead. If you falter you just start again and keep on going. I’m sure that if I do leave one or two prints behind, God will cover them with his breath and Grace will be mine.

Tomorrow I expect to have gotten completely across the bridge, wet or dry and I will sing praises to my God who made me inside and out: his beloved child. Still, I mourn for the congregation that couldn’t hold on to me…me and my partner of 32+ years. They are mourning and we are mourning and God loves us all.

I will lift up your face. I will cause your light to shine.

I will take your empty life, I will fill it with mine.

Emoticon_hands_2K copy

My partner…of 32+ years writes songs of praise and songs of longing. She has a beautiful voice and she sings to me. My partner and I will walk across the bridge together tomorrow… and we will rejoice!

1 Response to “walking on water”

  1. 1 Bob
    June 29, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Dear Naomi,

    We mourn your loss and their loss, however, their loss is our gain. Welcome to the other side. You and Ruth will enrich the community at CCMC.


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